Boston Art | Sandy Neck Front Beach

One of my large format panoramic images was licensed for use by Boston Art this week. I call this image Sandy Neck Front Beach. The license is for half of the image (see below). The photograph is being printed on Plexiglas and mounted on aluminum for the client.

The whole image is a 360-degree view that includes the setting sun. Bob Korn is working up the full version based on all new scans we did last week.


Sandy Neck Front Beach

Boston Art | Winter Forest Sunset

I just received these images from one of my corporate art agents, Boston Art. They sold an image of mine, printed on plexi, to an investment firm in Boston. The image was made in Nickerson State Park in Orleans on Cape Cod. I call it Winter Forest Sunset. I have not seen this printed piece in person, but it looks like a good render… sharp, good detail for such a contrasty scene…


Winter Forest Sunset Installation


Winter Forest Sunset Installation

Large Format Landscape Images